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"Disaster struck when my shower wheel chair AND the bath tub faucet broke just hours before my party. I had to resort to putting a garbage bag over my regular wheelchair and sent my daughter out to the hardware store. What an adventure!"

In the end the wheelchair problem was the least of my worries. Using my emergency wheelchair I wrapped it in a garbage bag.

You see, the tub and shower faucet that I had in the bathroom had been there for years. I thought it was alright. It was what I was used to, after all. What I didn't know is that the tub and shower faucet was outdated. There were much more advanced faucets nowadays. There were water savers shower faucets out there, for example, that did not drip.

And by the way I don't recommend using a garbage bag on a regular wheel chair for the shower, but in a pinch it did the trick. My daughter found an inexpensive shower wheel chair at and I've ordered a new back for my other chair. No more garbage bags over old Bessie.